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Proposal Submission

Deadline extended until:
March 18, 2020.

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Before submitting your proposal, read the information below and check our frequently asked questions.

Submission Process


Submit Your Proposal

Register on the platform and send your proposal. If you do not remember your password, click here. We recommend consulting the frequently asked questions.


Wait for the result

The scientific committee will review your proposal within 2-3 weeks and will notify you of the decision by email. You can also check the list of accepted proposals.


Register for the Congress

Once your proposal has been accepted, you must register for the congress. As of this moment, it is not allowed to make changes in the proposal.


Submit full paper

Participants may submit their full article for free evaluation and possible publication in a book or journal from the community. How do I submit the article?

Submit paper

Types of Sessions


This type of session is best suited for works about investigations already undertaken or academic papers. The authors will present a summary of their work (purpose, procedures, results or products). The formal oral presentation of the work should be limited to 15 minutes. Presentations will be grouped according to the theme or perspective of these thematic sessions (which can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes) with a question/answer time and group discussion after all presentations. All rooms will be equipped with projectors for presentations in PDF or PPT.


This format is ideal to present preliminary results of ongoing works or for projects that could be displayed in posters/panels. In these sessions (generally about 30 minutes), the authors have the chance to exhibit their work and participate in an informal debate with other assistants. Each poster should include a brief summary and indicate the goals purpose, methodology, and conclusions of the work. Poster dimensions should not exceed 85 cm wide per 110 cm long.


This type of session is the most appropriate for transferring practical skills, activities that require the use of sensory devices, active learning, empirical exemplification, and any other sensory stimulation techniques. These sessions have a duration of approximately 30 minutes. There should be enough time left for the audience to interact properly and ask questions.

Blended Communication

This type of session is ideal for those who cannot attend the conference in person. This option allows the presentation of a 5-minute video which will be screened in the meeting rooms alongside the in-person presentations. These videos will also be shown on the congress’ social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). See our FAQs to see the requirements for semi-presential communications and about how to send your video.

This option allows you to publish an article in a book or journal of the community without any additional cost.

Virtual Communication

This type of session is ideal for those who cannot attend the conference in person. This option allows the presentation of a 5-minute video which will be shown on the congress’ social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). See our FAQs to find out how to send your video?

This option DOES NOT include the publication of an article.

How to fill out the submission form


Step 1

Theme (track)

Your work should be located within one of the official themes of the congress. For a detailed description of each topic, consult the description of the congress themes.

Theme 1: Image and Society
Theme 2: Visual Culture
Theme 3: History and Philosophy of Visual
Theme 4: The Industry of Image

Session type

Choose the type of presentation you want to perform. Consult the description of the congress sessions to find the one that best fits best your work.

  • Communication
  • Round Table
  • Workshop
  • Colloquium
  • Poster

Acceptance of submission terms

Before proceeding, you should read and agree to the Terms of submission and Copyright Terms. The sending of a proposal to the congress is conditioned to the acceptance of these terms:

  • After submitting the proposal, you will receive a confirmation message that may reach your spam folder. Please look at the spam folder and mark the message as «no spam» to ensure the correct reception of the following notifications.
  • The Scientific Committee will review the proposal and provide a response within 2-3 weeks. Once your proposal is accepted, you can register for the congress. Remember that the proposal will not be included in the congress program until the registration is fully paid.
  • Authors will retain copyright and allow the congress organizers to publish the abstracts of their presentations in the congress webpages. The authors agree to the terms of this Copyright Notice, which will apply to this submission if and when it is published by this conference.

Step 2

About the Authors

Indicate the authors and (if any) co-authors of the proposal. The information marked in bold is mandatory.

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • URL
  • Affiliation (University or Organization)
  • Country
  • Bio statement (E.g., department and rank)

Details of the proposal

Indicate the title and abstract of the proposal. Please remember that:

  • The title of the proposal must be written in uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • The abstract must have a maximum of 300 words.
  • The title and abstract must be in the language in which the presentation will be made.


Indicate the keywords and the language of your paper. Please remember that:

  • Keywords must be separated by commas.
  • The language must be indicated by the following code: es (Spanish); pt (Portuguese); en (English).

Supporting Agencies (optional)

Identify the agencies that sponsor or subsidize the work you present at the conference.

Submit Full Paper (optional)

Congress participants may submit a paper to The International Visual Culture Review free of charge. The journal is subject to a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure the publication of works of the highest scientific quality. The peer review system uses external referees and only original works are accepted. To submit an article, please check How to publish.

Step 3

Confirming the Submission

When you complete the previous steps, click «Finish Submission» to send your proposal to the Scientific Committee. You will receive an acknowledgment by email and you will be able to see what stage your work is in if you access your author account on the computer platform. Thank you for submitting your proposal!