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The International Visual Culture Review

The International Visual Culture Review raises questions about information, meanings and grades of affectivity between sender and spectator of visual images. This inter and transdisciplinary journal gathers the perspectives of researchers, theorists, professionals and professors from different fields, such as: architecture, art, cognitive science, education, telecommunications, information technology, cultural studies, design, education, film studies, history, linguistics, management, marketing, media, museography, philosophy, semiotics, psychology, religious studies, among others.

The Journal publishes articles written in rigorous academic format, texts of both theoretical and practical orientation, with a prescriptive and descriptive approach, including narratives and the effects of evaluative practices.

Articles that present the status about study of visual culture, as well as texts with methodological proposals, are especially welcome.

Experts review The International Visual Culture Review, using a publication process based on academic quality criteria. This ensures the publication of only intellectually significant works. The review system uses external evaluators.

ISSN: 2659-5923

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Editorial Board

Scientific Director

  • Rafael L. Cabrera Collazo, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.

Deputy Scientific Director

  • Marcos A. Vélez Rivera, Universidad del Este, Puerto Rico.

Editorial Board

  • Alan McLane-Alejos, Independent Scholar / Film Industry Professional (USA)
  • Jose Carlos del Ama, Central State Connecticut University, USA.
  • Wilma Arellano Toledo, INFOTEC-CONACYT, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Ana Beriain Bañares, Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, Spain.
  • Ignacio Blanco Alfonso, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Spain.
  • Francisco Cabezuelo Lorenzo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • David Caldevilla Domínguez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Gustavo Norberto Duperré, Universidad del Salvador and Head Office of Culture and Education, Argentina.
  • Ismael López Medel, Central State Connecticut University, USA.
  • Juan Luis Manfredi Sánchez, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, Spain.
  • Javier Sierra Sánchez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Mónica Viñarás Abad, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Spain.
  • Hipólito Vivar Zurita, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Sergio Ferreira do Amaral, Universidad de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil.
  • Manuel Pinto Teixeira, Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa, Portugal.