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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new academic portal. There you will find information not only about conferences, books and journals in this community, but also other academic communities managed by Global Knowledge Academics.

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How to Publish


Submit Your Article

Create an author profile at the OJS platform and submit your article.

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After receiving your manuscript, the Editorial Board will verify if the content meets the publishing guidelines. Remember to send your manuscript in an editable format. For instance, pdf documents are not accepted.


Submission to Referees

Once validated in the initial review, your article will be sent to 2 referees. In case of discrepancy we may request the help of a third referee. The identity of the referees will not be disclosed.

Adapt Your Paper

Download the standard template that we have prepared. It will help you to adapt your text to the journal guidelines.

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Peer Review Outcome

You will receive an email informing you of the result of the peer review process. Your article may be accepted, rejected, or you may be asked to resubmit with changes. You can have access to the referees reports available in the OJS platform.


Article Processing Charges

The peer-review is free if the article is rejected. If the article is accepted, the cost of publication amounts to EUR 125. Congress participants are entitled to free publication.


Proofreading of Originals

Once the fee is paid, the layout phase begins. The editorial team will review possible mistakes and ask you to review the affected paragraphs. At this point, no further changes will be accepted.


The peer review process is free if the article is rejected. If the article is accepted, the cost of publication amounts to 125 EUR.


Article Layout

Your article will be formated and proofs will be sent to you for final approval before publication. At this stage, we may highlight in yellow some text excerpts that you should pay special attention.


Final Proofreading

You will be asked to check the pdf to verify that there has been no error in the layout process. Please make a thorough and complete checking since this is the final version that will appear in the journal.


Online Publication

After the proofreading, the article is almost ready to be published. It just needs pagination and indexing. Once both tasks performed, the article will be published on the website of the journal.

Need Help?

Visit the FAQ section about the journal or contact us


Authors who publish in the journals associated to this knowledge community belong to a community of professionals with common interests and concerns, and on this basis, they are asked to provide critical and constructive comments to the work of their colleagues, fostering mutual exchange of ideas and thus increasing the quality of each other articles.

  • Each author who submits an article to any of the associated journals, and whose curriculum and academic career are considered a warranty, is asked to review three articles submitted by other authors.
  • Once they have accepted the invitation, the referees will have a period of 2-3 weeks to submit their reports to the Editorial Board.
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