Legal Notice

LAST UPDATED: December 2018

GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMICS, via its web portal at, provides Users with knowledge communities that horizontally integrate the traditional structures of knowledge.


Pursuant to Article 10 of the Information Society Services and E-commerce Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002 [Spanish acronym LSSI], GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMICS S.L., hereinafter GKACADEMICS, as the registered owner of this website, provides the following general information for Users of its portal:

GKACADEMICS is a limited partnership registered with the Madrid Business Registry, page M541373, with tax ID number B86474541, and business offices at C/ Faraday, 7, 28049 Madrid (Spain).

Contact information

Mailing address:
Parque científico de Madrid
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Calle Faraday, 7. 28049 Madrid, Spain


The website consists of the following 4 sections:

  • Who We Are
  • Congresses
  • Journals
  • Contact

GKACADEMICS makes Congresses and Journals available to its Users via links to the corresponding web pages. These web pages are:

  • Congress / Journal on Education and Learning:
  • Congress / Journal on Human Sciences:
  • Congress / Journal on Social Sciences:
  • Congress / Journal on Technology, Science, and Society:
  • Congress / Journal on Technologies in Education:
  • Congress / Journal on Arts and Cultures:

Each of these pages has the following sections: Introduction, Congresses, Journals, Books, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact.

Some services may be subject to certain terms and conditions. GKACADEMICS recommends that, prior to registering for Congresses, submitting Congress proposals, or subscribing to journals and books, Users should read the corresponding terms and conditions.

Registration forms for GKACADEMICS Congresses and Journals are housed under the domain name   This Legal Notice is applicable to sites under that domain name, also, the terms of which appear at the link that Users will find on each site.


These are the general terms and conditions (hereinafter, “general conditions”) that govern access to and browsing and use of websites under the domain name “” as well as liabilities stemming from the utilization of their content.

It shall be understood that the very act of accessing or utilizing this website implies that the User is bound by the general conditions published by GKACADEMICS, each and every time he/she accesses the portal. Thus, Users must read these general conditions carefully and review them again whenever notification of an updated version has been given. “User” shall be understood to mean any individual who accesses, browses, or utilizes the website or participates in the services and activities it offers, whether or not there is a cost involved.

The objective of these general conditions is to regulate access to and browsing and use of the portal; these general conditions notwithstanding, however, GKACADEMICS may establish specific terms and conditions governing the utilization and/or contracting of particular services offered to Users via this website, such as subscribing to journals or registering for Congresses.


The terms and conditions for accessing this website are specified below. Unlimited access to all information found on the website is permitted at no charge to Users. Some content, services, or products offered by GKACADEMICS or by third parties via this portal may require prior contracting, however, along with payment of a sum of money, the form of which will be clearly indicated in the corresponding Special Terms and Conditions.


Website copyright:

GKACADEMICS owns the copyright on this website. This copyright covers the website and all its content, with “content” understood to mean the texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions, and information, as well as any other creative works that are protected by domestic laws and international treaties governing intellectual property and patents. Any action taken on the website and its content shall require the prior consent of those who manage the portal. All of this material is protected under intellectual property laws, and improper use of it may result in legal action against the User.

The fact that the website content is available to view or download shall not mean that it loses any of its rights under intellectual property or patent laws.

Copyright on third-party content

The authors of content published on this website and all the web pages it comprises have granted GKACADEMICS a non-exclusive use license, at no cost, with worldwide jurisdiction, and for the period of time that copyrights are legally in force, to reproduce and publicly disseminate their content. In all cases, this published content shall include the full name of the author(s). The purpose for which this license is granted is the dissemination of academic scientific knowledge.

Web Users wishing to utilize any of this published content must, in all cases, reference the author(s) and the source of the publication.


Personal information gathered via this portal is handled pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation [European Union, acronym RGPD] and the Data Protection Act [Spain, acronym LOPD] and, moreover, as specified on any particular data collection form. For further information, see Privacy and Cookies Policy.

This website uses third-party cookies for analytical purposes. The use of cookies does not involve the processing of any personal information. Users may see our Privacy and Cookies Policy for details about the cookies used.


GKACADEMICS reserves the right, at any time and with no prior notice required, to modify and update website content; the website’s configuration and appearance; and the terms and conditions for accessing the website.

Likewise, GKACADEMICS makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the availability or uninterrupted functionality of this website nor of its services, as outages may occur for reasons beyond the control of GKACADEMICS. Whenever possible, advance notice will be given of any type of interruption of functionality that this website might undergo. GKACADEMICS shall not be held liable for any damages that Users or clients may suffer as a result of this website being unavailable.

GKACADEMICS affirms, however, that, insofar as it is capable and as technology permits, it has taken all necessary measures to guarantee the website’s functionality and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other elements harmful to Users.

Proper accessing, browsing, and use of the portal is the User’s responsibility; thus, Users pledge to follow, diligently and faithfully, any additional instruction given by GKACADEMICS or its authorized staff with regard to use of the portal and its content.


The terms and conditions herein for use of the portal shall be understood to be in force as long as they remain available on the portal. GKACADEMICS reserves the right to modify them and adapt them, when necessary, due to regulatory changes or changes to the structure and services of the portal, and Users pledge to ensure that they understand them when using services offered by GKACADEMICS. When the terms and conditions have been modified, Users who continue using services on the portal shall be understood to have accepted the modified conditions and to remain bound by them. The terms and conditions of use, indicating the date of their most recent update, shall be available to Users at all times.

Thus, the period of time during which these general conditions are in force coincides with the period of time that they are posted on the website, until they are modified, wholly or in part, at which time the modified general conditions shall be in force.